Keiser Functional Trainer

The Keiser Functional Trainer is ideal for anyone - from patients just starting post-surgical rehabilitation to athletes seeking to boost their performance. It utilizes air pressure resistance to allow you to train “any movement, at any speed, in any direction.” We use the Keiser Functional Trainer to train a variety of musculoskeletal concerns including but not limited to the shoulder, ankle, hip and knee.

The Keiser Functional trainer features two adjustable arms with pulleys that swing independently to match the line of pull. This allows rehab patients to perform functional movements which mimic daily activity with consistent resistance. This setup also allows those returning to sport to train quickly through both the concentric and eccentric phases for the development of muscles and neuromuscular system for maximum speed and power.

The possibilities are limitless and the versatility allows us to customize your protocol. Once you try the Keiser Functional Trainer, you will see your functional abilities and strength increase dramatically!